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6 Fall Break Ideas that Won’t Kill Your Budget

As an added bonus, these trips are perfect for social distancing

We’ve barely put away the tiki torches and bug spray. But fall break will be upon us before we know it. You and your family may be interested in getting out of the house, especially if everyone is working from home and learning from home this season. 

Whether your budget is tight or you’re just looking to do something different, we’ve got some affordable and fun ideas to get you going that also keep you away from the crowds. 

Set up camp

Camping is by far one of the most budget-friendly ways to vacation, not to mention one of the easiest ways to social distance. Plus, what could be more fun than making s’mores around the fire while bundled up in blankets and fall sweaters? 

Autumn is one of the best times to go camping because the mosquitos have taken a hike, and if you’re planning to do any hiking, you don’t have to worry about overheating on your trek. 

Camping also offers unique opportunities to keep the kids engaged and learning while on their break. If you don’t own camping gear, see if you can borrow from a relative or friend who has the goods. (Or use Tentrr to book a private site that’s all set up for you.) If you’re new to camping, look for a nearby campground that has amenities. That way you can ease into the outdoor lifestyle. Or if you’re old hat, take the kids on a backpacking adventure they’ll be able to brag about to their friends!

Find a cabin in the woods

If you’re not quite the camping type, you can still enjoy the great outdoors in comfort while taking a break from all the tech. Zoom fatigue is a real thing! 

Many state parks have affordable rustic-style cabins for rent that offer kitchen, bathroom, and bunking amenities. Enjoy fall foliage hikes during the day, and have fun with board games, puzzles, or other activities at night. 

Hit the road in an RV

Maybe you’re looking to take a multi-state road trip to see various sites or hit up all the pumpkin patches and corn mazes you can. Unfortunately, hotel and restaurant expenses can add up quickly. But if you rent an RV and bring your own food, you can stay in campgrounds along the way. 

RV rentals are cheaper than you think. Try RVshare, which lets you rent directly from owners with fully outfitted rigs. Plus, your family will appreciate the ability to stretch out while en route, rather than everyone cramming into the family car.

Float through fall break on a houseboat

If you live in a climate that stays warm well into fall, you might consider renting a houseboat. 

Swim and play all day on the water and explore as much of a lake or river as you can. Find quiet coves for anchoring at night. Or seek out islands where you can build a bonfire and hang out under the stars.

Book the best of your imagination

Maybe you’ve always imagined staying in a treehouse, a yurt, a tiny home, a lighthouse, a renovated Airstream, a barn, a Hogwarts-themed pad—you name it. If you’ve dreamt of it—or your kids have—it’s probably out there! 

Get on Airbnb, Vrbo, or another vacation rental site and start searching for something funky to amp up your fall break. 


Although getting away can be fun, sometimes staying right where you are and giving yourself permission to do a bit of nothing is really what you and your family need. Plus, let’s be honest: finding time away as an independent contractor can sometimes be tricky. 

If you’ve had a hectic past few months and planning a trip will only add to your stress, have a staycation. Plan the simple things, like a movie marathon or a family spa night complete with animal sheet masks. Do things that require little effort so that you and your family can simply relax together.